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Our Mission

The Junior Erosion League of the Soviet Union serves as a youth division of the Erosion League of the Soviet Union for humans under age 21. As such the mission of the JELSU is defined as that of the ELSU except for minor corrections, which are noted by parentheses, to compensate for the youth of the membership of the JELSU. The mission statement is reproduced below in condensed form.

PREAMBLE. In order to further explore the nature of erosion, to appreciate its power and to harness it, and to provide average citizens with a method of coming into direct contact with this powerful force, the (Junior) Erosion League of the Soviet Union is hereby established.

POINT 1. The (J)ELSU is to participate in activities involving the study of erosion, including but not limited to scientific studies and journeys to witness the marvels of erosion, including but not limited to the Vales Marineris on Mars, the largest canyon in the entire Solar System. (For Junior members, the Vales Marineris trip is not possible due to safety concerns.)

POINT 2. The (J)ELSU is to raise public awareness of erosion through the creation and distribution of information in forms including but not limited to posters, internet sites, "rock and roll" songs, and special commemorative quarters.

POINT 3. The (J)ELSU is to hold, as often as possible, meetings to discuss strategies as to points 1 and 2. (For Junior members, rather than meetings, there will be held bi-monthly Erosion Parties at diverse locations across the globe, whereat members of the JELSU can get together and erode.)

The rest of the points (4-285) are not applicable to the Junior division.