What is this?
Canjo.net is my website, which exists because it can.

Whose is this?
Canjo.net is run by Canjo R., the alias of Richard F.  It is hosted by his uncle Fred J.  Its P.R. officer is Kloroplast.

What is here?
Here you will find all sorts of stuff, from silly games to completely sober multimedia.

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30 December 2015 (Wednesday)
In memory of Uncle Fred, who passed away 25 December 2015.

9 September 2006 (Saturday)
Today at the suggestion of a certain Mr. Schnorkerson I have 1. Fixed some broken links, 2. added some writings to the stories section, 3. added some images to the images section, 4. added a wonderful PROMOTIONAL VIDEO that is highly recommended, 5. the folks at the 404 Error Union have told me they have some stirring socialist tunes up for download, 6. put up a working Guestbook, and 7. added something exciting to the Excellent section. Thank you for your cooperation.

15 December 2005 (Thursday)
Good morning. It's been quite a while since I've updated, I know! I got displaced by Hurricane Katrina but now am back to the computer I can update the site from. Anyway. I'm taking down both the /flood/ directories as I don't think they're in terribly good taste nowadays. Also, you can express your opinion about horses by checking out the /horses/ directory. I hope you all have wonderful careers.

6 June 2005 (Monday)
Hi. I've got two new things on the site now. First off, we are proud to host the Junior Erosion League. Second, I have a sequel to the flood images. Enjoy.

14 March 2005 (Monday)
Hi. I've got a bunch of Yumblie's minigames now hosted in the not by me! section now. Hooray!

5 March 2005 (Friday)
I deleted the forum because it was causing more trouble than it was worth. Also I have an announcement from Kloroplast. Hi friends! I updated my website :)

25 February 2005 (Friday)
Well, what have we here! The new layout's been up a whole year. And I still think of it as new. Well, yes, it's true, I've neglected this site. But Eat That Sock! is still there, and I intend to upload my recent text works. I know the picture's broken on many pages and I'm scrambling to fix it, ok?

23 October 2004 (Saturday)
Huh? We got reverted back to August in some sort of server mistake. I don't think I made any important updates between then and now, however.

6 June 2004 (Sunday)
Added Google. I'm a sellout, I know, but it's convenient to have it :( PS: It doesn't work?!

1 June 2004 (Tuesday)
Writing group people attention! Go here

26 May 2004 (Wednesday)
Put up Kloroplast's site.

25 May 2004 (Tuesday)
New feature: illustrated edition of The Great Punctuation Adventure

24 May 2004 (Monday)
Put up the links section. A new story will be appearing soon.

20 May 2004 (Thursday)
Look at the navigation bar! The Miscellaneous section is finally up, complete with a non-functional Links section, an empty Excellent section, some hosted websites (one), and some specials (bare bones of one)!

12 April 2004 (Monday)
Haha, did I say April 15? I meant ASAP.

27 March 2004 (Saturday)
Haha, did I say week? I meant month. No, I meant by April 15. Tee hee!

17 March 2004 (Wednesday)
Ach! Twelve days since an update! You scream. Well, I've been busy. The Miscellaneous section should be finished by the end of this week. Just what will that entail? You'll see!

5 March 2004 (Friday)
Did some cleaning up. Renamed some things. Later today I plan to bring online the Interactive section. But whether I do or don't is up to magical fairies. -- And now it's done!

3 March 2004 (Wednesday)
 I uploaded a slew of games into the newly-renamed "Not by Me!" section. Enjoy!

29 February 2004 (Sunday)
I still haven't put up the missing two sections, but I have added some games to the Fan Games section. I'm expecting a ridiculously busy week this week, so don't be impatient.

25 February 2004 (Wednesday)
I think it is reasonable to put up the new layout when only half of the site is built.  You will find now that Games and Multimedia will work, but Interactive and Miscellaneous will not. Don't complain. I did this when I first put up the old layout too, and when I put up the even older one nothing worked. The only layout that went up when its content was complete was the very first index.htm, which said "canjo.net" in fixedsys capitals and had no other content.


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