This will be continually updated with more things! Also, they are liable to be removed at any time for any number of reasons.
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I Love Horses: The Musical
Inspired by Phantom of the Opera, Les Mis, Don Giovanni, Pink Floyd, and Wagner, this amazing musical will sweep you off your feet and change the way you think about those wonderful neighing creatures forever! 

Cracking the Test
This one is fun; it's about a world where standardized tests control everything and the nation's youth can do nothing about it but turn to the criminal underworld. It's also a very uplifting story, recommended. 

Orphan of Storm
This isn't actually a story, it's a poem, but I think it's pretty neat plus the title is a Secret of Mana reference.  

The Appointment
Generally when I write with the express intention of being funny it doesn't turn out that funny. 

Focus Group Six
A nice ditty of a story about the internal squabbles that undoubtedly happen in every focus group ever. The snippet of text in my graphic up top is from this story. Features J. Salisbury! 

Young and Exty
This one doubled as a Happy Question answer. It's about the very real problem of racism against exterior decorators in modern society. 

Lark's Lake
An attempt of mine at a serious story. My first, and maybe my last. 

The Story of Marija, Ruba, and Aleksandar
Set in World War II Yugoslavia, Marija learns the real meaning of brotherhood and friendship and communism in this touching tale. Originally by Comrade Aleksandar Cakevic, translated and annotated by me. I had a lot of fun with this. It's been said that this too doubled as a happy answer but I don't remember doing so.

Journey to the Homeland
About life, love, and Baker's Lake, Canada.

King Drios on the Surface
An attempt at a fantasy story. I could feel myself alternating between being serious and being parody-y as I wrote it.

If Coffee Had Wings
A monologue by a male secretary who works for a TV lawyer. I made up the title just now and I'm not sure what I was thinking.

Upon the Mountain
A story written late at night based on a list of elements Jeff gave me to incorporate. The ending is an utter cop-out but it's not meant to be really serious anyway.

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