The astute observer will notice that I have not created an HTML index for these files. I believe that the simple indexes should be enough, however. Especially since I have now sorted the images based on theme and not based on file type. This section might be growing continually!

Mostly from, more specifically the Astronomy Picture of the Day. A lot of the pictures are of fantastic nebulae. There are also several computer animations of space stations, space shuttles, spacecraft, planets, etc. Most of these images served as my background for some amount of time, and still do. Not all of them make good backgrounds though, and I'm not about to dictate what a good background for you would be. 

Random CGI
These are mainly things I stole from various sites because I thought they looked pretty. A lot are from one Geocities site (now long, long gone) with lots of eye candy. I think some are screenshots from a video game, but I don't know. 

Well, it was funny at the time. Most of these are not made by me. I do NOT take credit for these, nor am I responsible for their lack of humor.

Much like Kingdom Protista in biology, this section contains everything that I couldn't classify elsewhere. Includes the pictures of Skokie, a map of the world, and spam. Here also we have some old avatars of mine.



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