These are sites that are hosted for various people/organizations!

DJ's Webspace
In the words of DJ himself: "A place I use to upload random things for myself and others. That can include music, short videos, and picture sets."

Kloroplast's Organelle Friendship Society
Hi my friends :) This is Kloroplast, PR officer for Canjo. I made this site to spread friendship and happiness throughout the world, friends :D Now it's up! Warning: image intensive!

Fiction Group (working title)
It's a link to the forum. Yeah.

Soviet 404 Error Union
At one point they took over the whole site, but now they're relegated to just this position as a Hosted. And I've heard rumors that they've taken over the 404 page again.



Site Forever Canjo R., Richard F., et al.
Many thanks to Uncle Fred for hosting!