A discussion of the state would be incomplete without first a discussion of its founder and champion, Canjo B. Rarebear, the alias of Richard F. Canjo grew up in New Orleans and there became involved in several revolutionary activities, including but not limited to wearing red shirts, humming communist theme songs in school, and e-mailing crude games involving red characters to the President of the United States of America. Soon Canjo developed a consciousness for the laboring 404 pages across the internet, so terribly disenfranchised by default messages. After thoroughly reading the works of Marx and Lenin in one-paragraph summaries on Amazon.com, Canjo dedicated his life to fighting for and championing those oppressed 404 pages. Soon he found that the time was ripe; the 404 page of his own website, canjo.net, which had long had a stable government as an image, was overthrown by believed bandwidth limits. Canjo seized the opportunity to topple the frail Provisional Government and establish this state as the new 404 page government of the site. No more history is worth chronicling here because this 404 page has attained the highest state of society perfection in Communism; no history can proceed, since it is already in a very real utopia.


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