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Erosion is responsible for the creation of many of the most fascinating and beautiful structure on earth, such as the above structures in Tajikistan

The Grand Canyon, pictured above, is one of the greatest monuments to the sheer power of erosion.

Erosion can also bring considerable happiness to normal humans--don't delay. Join the JELSU today!

WELCOME to one of the most exciting places on the internet! This is the internet headquarters of the JUNIOR EROSION LEAGUE of the Soviet Union (JELSU for short!), the youth division (for humans under age 21!) of the EROSION LEAGUE of the Soviet Union. Here you can find a wealth of information about one of the most powerful forces on earth: erosion, and how you can tap into this power.

If you're interested in taking advantage of this wondrous force of Mother Nature, or if you're just interested in having a fun time eroding with friends, this site and the JELSU are for you.

Take a look at our Mission Statement, or read all about what exactly erosion is, and why we appreciate it so much. It's never too early to start participating in our exciting work, youngsters!

We sincerely hope you decide to become a Member of our League--the benefits are enormous; one can learn of and experience first hand the power of erosion, while making some friends along the way that will last a lifetime. There is also a T-shirt you can buy to help spread the word!

Questions? Comments? Contact us and we'll respond promptly!