What is this?
These are some nice games that I have made.

How were these made?
Mostly, these were made with The Games Factory or Multimedia Fusion from Clickteam

What are these about?
Silly things, yes indeed!



Eat That Sock!
This is a series of silly games that I worked on from late 2000 to late 2003. Its ostensible purpose was to mock various genres by making them into really boring games about eating socks, but I lost sight of that goal somewhere in summer 2001. The first one was made to send to the President.

TI-83 Games
These are games mostly that I made a long time ago. You can get them onto your calculator with a graph link. I'm not sure if some of them work, as I myself do not have a working graph link, and I copied these into the computer by manual typing.

Here we have random games like the Real 1D Game, Jail Break, etc., along with descriptions of games that I never finished.

Not-by-Me Games
Here we have a slew of silly games that were not created by me. Includes Eat That Sock! fan games, a lot of things by bhlaab and Yumblie, and an extensive archive of creations of Eat That Sock Maker!


Eat That Sock!
Not by Me!

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